Dependency Analysis

Thomas Schilling nominolo at
Tue Aug 21 12:13:54 EDT 2007

On 21 aug 2007, at 17.37, Peter Gavin wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've been making decent progress on getting dependency analysis
> working.  I've just about gotten libHScabal.a to build using it :)
> But it's starting to look like it won't be possible to simply drop in
> my code to the current system.  So rather than try to do that, I've
> decided to make a new module directory Distribution/Extended, and make
> a parallel system with a new API. I don't anticipate having to make
> any major changes to the .cabal file, only to Setup.hs, and I'm going
> to re-use as much of the existing API as possible.

Good to hear!

Can you give a little more detail on what these problems are?  Also,  
note that Simple stands for "simple /to use/ interface" - in that  
context Extended doesn't seem like too useful a name.

/ Thomas

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