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Stefan O'Rear stefanor at
Sun Aug 12 19:17:01 EDT 2007

On Mon, Aug 13, 2007 at 12:10:42AM +0100, Simon (Vsevolod) Ilyushchenko wrote:
> Got it, thanks.
> Is there a time when I can hang out on #haskell (or other channel) to
> get some questions answered? For example, when trying to install cabal
> itself, running
> ghc -v --make Setup.lhs -o setup
> currently fails for me with:
> Could not find module `System.FilePath':
>   locations searched:
>     System/FilePath.hs
>     System/FilePath.lhs
>   (imported from ./Distribution/Simple.hs)
> I'm running ghc 6.4.2 - I've found some hints that I should use 6.6.1,
> but I'm not quite sure of it.

#haskell is usually pretty active.  Newbies have an odd tendancy to
show up precisely at our rare dead times, but I assure you that right
now (Aug 12 23:16 UTC) we're active.

Stefan (sorear)
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