Few questions

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk
Sun Aug 12 10:46:02 EDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-08-11 at 16:05 +0300, Esa Ilari Vuokko wrote:
> Hi,
> I have few more questions, I couldn't find answer on my own, even if
> they mostly seem silly :-)  If there's resolutions requiring coding,
> I'll try to follow up with patches.
> * Are extended fields going to be part of public interface (HEAD
>   Cabal doesn't warn for fields starting "x-")?

They probably should be, just as a [(Name, Value)] style format.

> * Could we document what's allowed format/character set for file
>   specified by license-file?  (cabal2wix needs to make rtf from the
>   text to show it during install - I'd like to know if that's going
>   to be sensibly possible.)

We should say that .cabal files and the license file are UTF8. But then
we need to make that true too ;-)

> * Is ghc-pkg supposed to handle license-file field?  GHC documents it,
>   referring to Cabal docs, but Cabal doesn't generate it for
>   installed-pkg-config.  (Maybe because license file is not
>   installed?)

No idea. It looks like it does not contain the license file in the
InstalledPackageInfo which is the structure ghc-pkg uses.

Do you think we really need that? We can install the license file even
without ghc-pkg knowing about it.

> * Are defaultMain-helpers supposed to turn relative paths from
>   commandline into absolute ones?  (I ran into this problem with Alex'
>   Setup.lhs, which changes working directory for copying files.)

No idea. Can you be more specific?


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