"putting" packages compatible with ghc 6.6

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Tue Nov 14 01:43:06 EST 2006

I'm working on building a set of packages that are known to be
compatible with GHC 6.6:


I'm working on a script to download and install haskell packages (from
unstable), and if they build, install them into "testing".

I tweaked "cabal-put" (on monk) to accept a new parameter, so you can
now say:
cabal-put foo-1.1.tar.gz unstable
cabal-put foo-1.1.tar.gz testing

So... if you have permission on monk, please cabal-put your packages
into the repository, and if you can test it with ghc 6.6, put it into
testing :)

This script, cabal-builder (OK, bad name) is in the cabal repository
that has cabal-install:



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