version policies

Isaac Jones ijones at
Tue May 23 17:15:25 EDT 2006


Would anyone like to write up some proposed versioning policies for
cabal and packages that use cabal?  The idea would be something along
the lines of:

1.0.0 == release
1.1.1 == between releases (darcs version)
1.1.2 == release candidate for 1.2
1.1.3 == between releases (darcs version)
1.1.4 == release candidate for 1.2
1.2.0 == release that doesn't break compatibility w/ 1.0.0
1.2.1 == darcs
1.2.2 == release candidate for 1.4, or revision relesae
2.0.0 == major release, not necessarily backward compatible.

This is just an example, but the way I see it, the numbering system is
pretty much arbitrary, it would be nice if there were a standard /
recommended way to do it, so that everyone doesn't have to invent
their own, and so that users can expect some common patterns.

If someone wants to do this, please start a wiki page on the hackage /
cabal wiki.



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