install doesn't install under Windows

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Aug 22 08:59:39 EDT 2006


>    prefix  = c:/Program Files
>    bindir  = $prefix/Haskell/Tools
>    datadir = $prefix/$pkgid

Looks good!

The MS Spec is that it should be Program Files\<Company Name>\<Program
Name>, so for this I'd suggest:

bindir = $prefix/Haskell/bin
datadir = $prefix/Haskell/$pkgid

It also means that people can find all their Haskell programs with
greater ease, any package management thingies can find all Haskell
programs. It also clutters up the Program Files directory less.

But the basic concept of shoving all bin files in one directory and
data files in another is great!



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