install doesn't install under Windows

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Tue Aug 22 08:44:19 EDT 2006

Neil Mitchell wrote:

> The good and bad of each are as follows:
> 1) Move alex.exe into some global Haskell directory for binaries
> (which is on the PATH)
> Not too bad, but while names might not clash, if too Cabal programs
> both have LICENSE in their same directory, and both read it, things go
> wrong. The whole issue is that name uniqueness goes.

we have a mechanism for storing data files that go with a program - see

so to avoid clashing you just need to choose a unique package identifier.  Cabal 
gives you an easy way to find these files at runtime (import Paths_<pkg>).

I'd be happy with tweaking these defaults to put all the binaries in the same 
place by default.  How about

   prefix  = c:/Program Files
   bindir  = $prefix/Haskell/Tools
   datadir = $prefix/$pkgid


for the other defaults we currently use.


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