install doesn't install under Windows

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Aug 20 18:09:32 EDT 2006

"Neil Mitchell" <ndmitchell at> writes:

> Hi
> Under Windows, for an application, with the example of Alex:
> runhaskell Setup configure
> runhaskell Setup build
> runhaskell Setup install
> This however doesn't result in an Alex binary that can be found by
> Cabal, i.e. to build Haddock.
> So there are a few options:
> 1) Move alex.exe into some global Haskell directory for binaries
> (which is on the PATH)
> 2) Make an alex.bat in some global Haskell binary directory (on the PATH)
> 3) Make Cabal detect wherever it puts alex, so it can then use it.
> 4) Put whereever it puts alex on the PATH.
> All have plus and minus points, I'd lean to 1 (since thats what I
> already do when installing things).

I have no idea what the advantages or disadvantages are; can you
expand on this?  Option 1 sounds like it makes sense.  By use of the
Program abstraction (see other email) perhaps we don't have to use
PATH if there's some standard location we can check.

What's "normal" on windows for an installer?



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