Cabal/GHC interaction buglet

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Thu Aug 17 15:54:52 EDT 2006


Using GHC 6.4.2, Cabal from Darcs - every time I do runhaskell Setup
build in Hoogle (the Hoogle cabal file isn't up on the web yet, but
I'm working on it!) it does relinking.

Trying -v I get the command:

Building Hoogle-3.0...
C:\ghc\ghc-6.4.2\bin\ghc.exe -Idist\build -o dist\build\hoogle\hoogle --make -hi
de-all-packages -i -idist\build\autogen -isrc -odir dist\build\hoogle\hoogle-tmp

Unfortunately GHC 6.4.2 has a bug in it that if the .exe is not
specified in the -o it always relinks. Any chance Cabal can ++
executableExtension when passing onto the GHC?

(I did take a look at writing a patch, but as far as I can see in
Distribution.Simple.GHC, the file passed along to -o is created by
mkGHCiLibName and should end in ".o", but it doesn't... If anyone can
point me at where this should go, then maybe, just maybe...)



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