[C2hs] Re: Release plans [was: Re: lowercase/C evaluation]

Benedikt Huber benjovi at gmx.net
Mon Jan 26 05:41:28 EST 2009

On 25.01.2009, at 17:36, Duncan Coutts wrote:
> So if no more issues come up in the next few days I'll put a release  
> out
> on hackage.
Hi Duncan,
I've just uploaded a  minor release of language-c ( to  
hackage, fixing
some small bugs.
I noticed the constraint language-c < 0.4.0 in c2hs - that's a good  
I will keep it in mind for the next proper release.

c2hs right now doesn't build with the latest language-c, because of a  
to Data.Position (we add absolute offsets in the preprocessed files).

With, it would be possible to hide uses of Data.Position in  
It isn't neccessary, so its up to you whether you want to apply the  
attached patch.
I didn't notice any performance penalty - Data.Position is strict in  
row and col,
and incPos, adjustPos etc. should be inlined.

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If the patch is included, c2hs needs to depend on language-c-  


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