[C2hs] distributing packages that use C2HS

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Jun 23 03:15:37 EDT 2008

John Lato,
> I have a package (binding to a C library) that uses C2HS that I'm
> cleaning up for a hackage release.  I was wondering if there are any
> guidelines as to which files to include and how to set up the build.
> I could include the .chs file, but then anyone trying to build the
> library would need C2HS.  Alternatively, I could include just the .hs
> file I get from running C2HS (and C2HS.hs), which would be okay, but I
> would like to provide all available source files for anyone who's
> interested.  Including both seems like asking for trouble in the build
> process.  Does anyone have any recommendations for this?  I couldn't
> find anything addressing it in the cabal packaging guidelines.

Unfortunately, the inclusion of only the .hs file is in general not  
sufficient.  C->Haskell hardcodes OS and C compiler-specific  
information in the .hs file, and hence, it is not portable.


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