[C2hs] Questions

Paolo Martini p.martini at neuralnoise.com
Sun Aug 7 04:58:19 EDT 2005


First of all, thanks much for the good tool you're providing :-)

I have some questions.

Why doesn't {#enum ..#} hooks define the default marshallers to be
cFromEnum/cToEnum? Furthermore, is it possible to define the
marshallers functions for a give type? (IMO it would make the .chs files
more readable) If not, would it be possible to extend the syntax, maybe
adding "... inmarsh outmarsh#}" at the end of the hooks?

For example I'm using "id" as the marshaller for {#pointer ..#} hooks,
(in {#fun name {id `pointer'} -> `pointer' id#}) is it correct, or am I
missing something?

I can't find an example of a C struct type which isn't defined as a
pointer.  How should one go to bind structures like this?

     typedef struct {
       unsigned long        index;
       double               x;
       double               y;
     } cairo_glyph_t;

And then, how to pass them to functions getting a *cairo_glyph_t?
Moreover, what if they are getting an array of them? (e.g.

     void cairo_show_glyphs (cairo_t *cr,
                             cairo_glyph_t *glyphs,
                             int num_glyphs);

Thank you,

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