[C2hs] question on structs with compound members

Duncan Coutts duncan at coutts.uklinux.net
Wed Oct 22 15:51:15 EDT 2003


So I'm trying to wrap this structure:

struct GtkSourceTagStyle {

	/* readonly */
	gboolean is_default;

	guint mask;
	GdkColor foreground;
	GdkColor background;
	gboolean italic;
	gboolean bold;
	gboolean underline;
	gboolean strikethrough;

	/* Reserved for future expansion */
	guint8 reserved[16];	

My problem is with the GdkColor members foreground & background. They
are themselves structures so c2hs cannot make {#get #} mappings for
them. Of course Color has already been wrapped (in
gtk2hs/gtk/general/Structs.hsc) and is a member of the Storable class so
all we need is to get a pointer to the member to be able to apply
peek/poke to it. This is not hard if we manually edit the .hs file
produced from the .chs binding file:

instance Storable SourceTagStyle where
  peek ptr = do
    isDefault'  <- (\ptr -> do {peekByteOff ptr 0 ::IO CInt}) ptr
    mask'       <- (\ptr -> do {peekByteOff ptr 4 ::IO CUInt}) ptr
    foreground' <- (\ptr -> do {peekByteOff ptr 8 ::IO Color}) ptr    --manually edited
    background' <- (\ptr -> do {peekByteOff ptr 8+12 ::IO Color}) ptr --manually edited
    italic'     <- (\ptr -> do {peekByteOff ptr 32 ::IO CInt}) ptr
    bold'       <- (\ptr -> do {peekByteOff ptr 36 ::IO CInt}) ptr

So as you see we're very close, all we need is a way of automatically
getting the structure offsets (which is what c2hs does for all the other
members). What is the right way do to this?


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