[Haskell-beginners] Can't install Haskell platform on Mac OS X El Capitan

Imants Cekusins imantc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 11:10:24 UTC 2015

> the whole Haskell community considers cabal-install and the Platform ...

is this a fact?
the whole community? such a bad reputation?

platform did not work for me but maybe it was because I tried it at
quite an early stage and made a few mistakes. Now I build ghc from
source so do not really need the platform.

The only thing in the installation process which I find cumbersome is
the chicken and egg situation: you need ghc to build ghc. If it were
possible to build bootstrap ghc entirely from source with minimum
deps, this would be good.

I used cabal & cabal-install without problems so far.

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