[Haskell-beginners] GUI library

Emanuel Koczwara poczta at emanuelkoczwara.pl
Thu Feb 7 19:55:15 CET 2013


Dnia 2013-02-07, czw o godzinie 10:46 -0800, Tim Perry pisze:
> Java did it. Swing just asks the OS for a window and draws in it.
> Works fairly well...except that a Java (Swing) program never quite
> acts like a Windows, Mac, or Linux program. 
> And there was a practical use: you got much closer to "write once, run
> anywhere" whereas the earlier AWT resulted in "write once, test
> everywhere". 
> The same could be done in Haskell, but it would be a huge time
> commitment.  
> Tim

  That's exactly what i'm thinking about (and QML/Qt).


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