[Haskell-beginners] Excellent illustration of using the Haskell types -- revising Richard Bird's floor function so that it works properly

Bob Hutchison hutch-lists at recursive.ca
Sun Nov 4 14:20:27 CET 2012

Hi Roger,

I'm curious now… You've been posting these kinds of articles for years now, mostly from what I've seen on XML and REST, but a few now on Haskell. It's an interesting approach, and you've managed (at least) two things: 1) provided a bunch of useful synopses of narrow(ish) topics within a larger subject; and, 2) provoked really interesting responses from experts. And I've got to think the body of work constitutes a very significant chunk of knowledge.

Why are you doing this?

Where are you publishing it? (just http://www.xfront.com/ ?)

What subjects are you doing this for?

What's the best way to follow along?


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