[Haskell-beginners] Trying to compile Glade Gtk2Hs demo / cabal install glade problem

Amy de Buitléir amy at nualeargais.ie
Wed Feb 29 15:23:48 CET 2012

Tobias <tobnels <at> freenet.de> writes:
>       setup.exe: Missing dependencies on foreign libraries:
>       * Missing C libraries: glade-2.0, gtk-win32-2.0, xml2,
>       gdk-win32-2.0, atk-1.0,
>       gio-2.0, gdk_pixbuf-2.0, pangowin32-1.0, gdi32, pangocairo-1.0,
>       pango-1.0,
>       cairo, gobject-2.0, gmodule-2.0, glib-2.0, intl

The libraries that cabal is complaining about are "foreign", non-Haskell
libraries, so cabal can't install them. I'm guessing that you're on a Windows
machine, and I don't know the best places to get this sort of thing for Windows.
You can probably find the libraries you need by googling, but put "lib" in front
of the name of each library. For example, google "libglade win32". 

I don't know if this applies to Windows, but if you are offered a choice between
installing, say "libglade" and "libglade-dev", choose the "-dev" version.

Hopefully someone who knows more about Windows than I do will reply to this.

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