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This is the sort of question you might want to ask on Haskell cafe too.


- This really comes down to whether the GC can trusted, and I would
astonished if it was otherwise. It would make writing web frameworks in
Haskell rather pointless. (Otoh I can't find a list of real world users for
Yesod etc.)

- A lot of people use XMonad to manage their desktops and just leave their
machines on *forever.*

- If Haskell does prove to be unsuitable (which is very unlikely) then
Erlang is a safe bet. It's about the most reliable language there is - it
was designed for telecoms. It's much simpler to learn than Haskell,
although less funky (eg no lazy evaluation) and closer to a scripting
language in speed. Get a copy of Programming *Erlang*: Software for a
Concurrent World by Joe *Armstrong* and with even minimal Haskell
experience you should be writing code straight away.

On 20 April 2012 03:43, Michael Orlitzky <michael at orlitzky.com> wrote:

> On 04/19/2012 07:40 PM, Mike Meyer wrote:
> > I've got a project coming up that I could use haskell for, providing I
> > can convince myself that it's appropriate. The critical question is:
> >
> > Anyone using Haskell in a long-running production application? I'm
> > talking about something where the program would run for weeks or
> > months non-stop, with either multiple threads or multiple copies.
> I have a rather stupid application that parses feeds from the Twitter
> API. For each username given on the command line, it calls forkIO and
> the new thread enters a recursive loop:
>  recurse x y z = do
>    ...
>    recurse x y z
> forever and ever.
> Contrary to my expectations (I still basically don't know what I'm doing
> in Haskell) it seems to run in constant space for months at a time.
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