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I should also mention I've been through node.js's tutorials, and I've
briefly dabbled in Ruby. Is it far-fetched to think I can be just as
productive in Haskell as opposed to using stuff I already know? Just trying
to decide if it's worth continuing my learning experience. One alternative
I've considered is to take it slow with Haskell, and use it more for
educational purposes for now, and use it when I feel comfortable. Read
through one section of LYAH/week, one section of the R tutorial/day, and
work on one project euler problem each week.

Then again if it's just for educational purposes, I could even throw in the
SICP videos when, but I'm not sure how practical that is either.

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> I'm new to Haskell and I can't really call myself a decent programmer in
> any other language. Do you think it's wrong to think that I can contribute
> to the statistics library? I can't decide if I'm being pragmatic for me to
> learn Haskell and contribute to the statistics library in hopes of being as
> productive as I would be in learning R. I'm wanting to write a scraper and
> analyze that data, and I figure this is what the statistics module can be
> used for. The other alternative to Haskell and R, is to use something like
> node.js for scraping, js's regex for filtering, and analyzing the resulting
> data with RPy.
> Here's a brief overview of my programming exp:
> Python:
> - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist using Python
> - official tutorial
> - official reference material
> - a few project euler problems
> Javascript
> - all of the Mozilla docs
> Haskell
> - started with the RWH, switched to 98' Report, switched over to Yet
> Another Haskell Tutorial, switched to Gentle Intro, and finally switched to
> Learn You a Haskell and I'm on the seventh chapter now. I'm considering
> switching yet again to A Gentle Intro, because it's been months now, and I
> just want to finish one of these, and that seems to be quickest route.
> Other
> - I have briefly learned about C and C++, I start an intro to C++
> programming next semester.
> Thank you for your help.
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