[Haskell-beginners] PHP vs Haskell... a challenge!

Sean Charles sean at objitsu.com
Fri Mar 18 13:50:56 CET 2011

On 18/03/11 12:44, Patrick Lynch wrote:
> Good morning,
> ...hang in there, it's a long learning curve...I too am trying to 
> figure out if you can make money with Haskell or F#...[I'm an 
> independent software consultant]...
Me too. When I am working. I am still figuring out if I can make money 

> ...I picked up a copy of  "Category Theory" by Steve Awodey - it 
> supposedly is geared to Computer Scientists and not Mathemeticians - 
> but I couldn't understand it and my math is pretty good
> [...and  I've had 4 years of college math]
I bought "Purely function data structures" by Chris Okasaki and "The 
Road to Logic..." and the yare both now i nthe bookshelf impressing 
visitors.  LMAO

> ...btw: did you neglect to include the link for 'monad:...the best 
> video I've seen is this one' - could you please provide it.

Curses, the link!
Yes, the video is called "Don't fear the Monad"

His method of explanation, reasoning and re-visiting the previous 
concepts is really really good. It helped me a lot, that's not to say I 
don't fnid myself fighting the compiler a lot but at least I know *why* 
I goofed if not how to fix it yet.

Understanding monads is so important in Haskell, I would say that it is, 
IMO, the single biggest reason that it will never become truly 
mainstream as it's too far up the BLUB scale for most people who cut 
code for a living.

I was thinking of rewriting the Boom Town Rats song "I don't link 
Mondays" to "I don't like Monads" to see if it could help reinforce some 
concepts. Then I sobered up! ;)

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