[Haskell-beginners] Problem "grouping" a list

Ozgur Akgun ozgurakgun at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 15:36:53 EST 2010

2010/11/23 João Paulo Pizani Flor <joaopizani at gmail.com>

> "The sum of the first elements in the tuples comprising the list must be
> greater than or equal to 1.0". That is, given a list of tuples, the boolean
> predicate deciding whether this list is a PROPER group (True) or TOO SMALL
> (False) is:
> \g -> sum (map fst g)  >=  1.0

Either I am missing something obvious or this is a weird criterion. The
following function satisfies the requirement, if it is satisfiable at all.

groupAtoms = return

This would be an interesting problem, if you said you were trying to
maximise the number of groups returned.

Ozgur Akgun
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