[Haskell-beginners] Help in pattern matching

Joe Fox fox.joe87 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 04:11:53 EST 2010

Hi Guys ,

I am having a problem with patter matching .  I have declared following data

data TestData = DataConst1 Int String
                        | DataConst2 Int Int
                        | DataConst3 Sting String
                        | DataConst4 String Int

and now i have function *"test"* which behaves similarly for (DataConst1 and
DataConst2 ) and behaves similarly from DataConst3 and DataConst4.

for ex

test (DataConst1 x y) = x
test (DataConst2 x y )= x

test (DataConst3 x y) = y
test(DataConst4 x y )= y

no my problem here is , is there any way i can merge these 4 statements in
two statements .... some way i can match DataConst1 and DataConst2 in the
same line it would save me a lot of rewriting of code
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