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prad prad at towardsfreedom.com
Sat Aug 14 00:39:33 EDT 2010

ok so taking MAN's suggestion:
"I think It's time for you to get serious with the monads"
that's just what i'm going to do!

i found the following references:

You Could Have Invented Monads!
an interesting way to become familiar with the idea

Monads for the Working Haskell Programmer
seems to have several practical ideas there (though i don't understand
them yet)

A tour of the Haskell Monad functions
a nice reference with brief explanations

Explaining Haskell IO without Monads
possibly a good conceptual aid for background

All About Monads
this seems to have everything though it'll take some work to dig in

in any case, monads seem to be a rather important concept to getting
anything done in haskell. for instance, i have a program which is
generating the output it is supposed to (i can print it), but i
can't seem to get it into another function and keep getting the error
i've seen so many times:

Couldn't match expected type `[String]'
    against inferred type `IO [String]'

so it's time to understand them. 

besides, the stuff looks rather intriguing and certainly appears to
take one into computer language design theory.

any sources others have found useful would be appreciated as well as
suggestions on how to proceed through the above.

in friendship,

In friendship,

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