[Haskell-beginners] Yezod and Snap deployments to ISP

Kyle Murphy orclev at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 14:11:58 EDT 2010

Your choice of ISP will always determine your choice of language/framework,
and vice versa. Most cheap ISPs only support a limited subset of languages
and/or frameworks, typically ASP.NET, PHP, or Java. Some ISPs will also
dictate other choices, such as using a particular web server (Apache,
Tomcat, IIS, etc.), or a particular DB such as MySQL, MS SQL, or PosgreSQL.
On the more expensive end of choices you have dedicated servers or private
virtual servers, where you have complete control over what you run and it's
up to you to configure the services you want. The downside to private
virtual servers is that they typically have fairly strict resources limits,
such as 300M of RAM, or 5G of storage. Finally, the most expensive option is
a co-location facility that will plug your server into their network and
provide you backbone access, but which allows you to not only control what
software you run, but also the hardware that it runs on.

At this time, I know of no ISP that directly supports Haskell, in particular
Happs, Yesod, or Snap, so if you want to run any of those you'll have to go
with a dedicated server, or a virtual server. As for sending e-mail, and
language should be able to send e-mail if you have a properly configured
mail server that it can connect to, but the details of how to configure that
are a bit much to put into an e-mail.

If you want to play around with Yesod, I and a couple other people are using
slicehost to run various Haskell based webapps (under a variety of
frameworks), but be aware that it's more expensive than a lot of cheap hosts
(~$20 a month for a basic server with 256M of RAM), and you'll be
responsible for administering your own server, as well as having to work
within the limited resources provided.

-R. Kyle Murphy
Curiosity was framed, Ignorance killed the cat.

On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 12:48, MH <mhamro at gmail.com> wrote:

> I want to build a website using haskell and deploy it to some ISP. I
> appreciate if you help me understand the following:
> 1. Do I need to consider using special ISP to deploy Yezod or Snap?
> 2. Do I need to consider using special ISP to deploy any other Haskell
> based web app?
> 3. To start with I need to display a static content and ability to send
> email from user submitted form. Can I send email with these Web frameworks
> (I would appreciate the samples)?
> 4. Can you recommend me any ISP in USA?
> Thanks a lot.
> Malik
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