[Haskell-beginners] Re: Either Monadic Trouble

Nicolas Pouillard nicolas.pouillard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 18:12:56 EST 2009

Excerpts from iæfai's message of Tue Nov 10 00:05:04 +0100 2009:
> This is all very confusing. You say that it is defined in the  
> transformers. Does this mean it is possible to use the code I am  
> trying to get to work to do what I want?

Yes by importing Control.Monad.Error

> You also mention the attempt package, I must admit that I am not  
> entirely sure how to use it either. Note that I haven't done a lot of  
> error handling in haskell (the extent usually involved Maybe)

A new version should be released (on Haskell Cafe) pretty soon,
some documentation links will be provided as well. If you find
the documentation not clear enough then let me know.

Nicolas Pouillard

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