[Haskell-beginners] First request for references

Conrad Meyer konrad at tylerc.org
Mon Jan 12 22:42:55 EST 2009

On Saturday 10 January 2009 12:03:45 pm Alan Cameron wrote:
> Hi,
> I stumbled across Haskell while researching 'functional programming'.
> I have done some initial reading and have the following questions:
> 1. Are there any references to real-world applications using this language?
> I ask because most of the articles I have found seem to be of an extreme
> academic nature. I want to be sure that my time will not be wasted delving
> deeper.
> 2. Are there any tutorials with full code included which I can use on the
> HUGS system I have installed?
> I have found a few "A Gentle Introduction to Haskell 98" which assumes far
> too much previous knowledge to be immediately useful to me.
> Thanks for any replies.
> Alan Cameron

You might want to use GHC instead of HUGS, as it tends to be more 
feature-complete. For a tutorial to start with, how about "Yet Another 
Haskell Tutorial"?

Conrad Meyer <konrad at tylerc.org>

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