[Haskell-beginners] Re: Advice on what to install

Thomas Hühn xf27 at arcor.de
Mon Dec 28 15:02:47 EST 2009

"Chris Saunders" <evas at mountaincable.net> writes:

> I noticed the availability of Haskell Platform 
> 2009.2.0.2 and did install this and when I run GHCi it says that its version is 
> 6.10.4.  Now on the GHC site I notice that the current version is 
> 6.12.  Should I have installed this more recent version or  stick with 
> what I have?  Warning: many more dumb questions to come from this 
> guy.

Stick with the Haskell Platform.

But if you don't and you actually manage to get not only GHC, but also
cabal-install (including all prerequisites) running on Windows without
much prior knowledge, make sure to write it up and tell me how to do


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