[Haskell-beginners] Re: Selecting a GUI toolkit

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at theingots.org
Thu Apr 30 06:32:31 EDT 2009

Thomas Davie wrote:
>> http://wxhaskell.sourceforge.net/images/controls-macosx2.png
> My link was on leopard actually, but that still looks significantly 
> different to the natively designed UI.

Significantly different? They are practically identical.

>> Ok.. how do they behave?  I bet you that they behave better than the 
>> Gtk controls on OS X... ugh.
> I very much doubt that actually – mac users in my experience notice when 
> things are annoyingly slightly different from the norm – a kind of 
> uncanny valley effect, it's almost what you expect, but not quite.  In 
> the mean time, gtk being entirely non-OS X like running in X11 says 
> "hey, I'm different, deal with it", and people do.

I am a Mac user and I disagree. I know several mac users who also 
disagree. I remember that NeoOffice used to be much more popular than 
OpenOffice.org on Mac because OOo used X11 and NeoOffice didn't, even 
though it was clear that NeoOffice was not quite native. You are the 
first mac user I meet that feels the way you feel. I have met quite a 
few mac users who don't share your views.

X11 apps look like crap. And I disagree with the "uncanny valley" thing 
because *native* OS X apps can look quite different. There isn't a 
single uniform look for native OS X apps but at least two. Looking at 
the screen shots on the wxHaskell website, if I saw that on my Mac, it 
wouldn't cross my mind that it isn't native.

> Well yes, but then all macs come with 2 button mice, so *shrug*.

Mine doesn't and every mac I've seen doesn't, so don't dismiss me like 
that, it's very rude. Also, in macs the command key is used a lot, you 
can't just throw it away and "shrug" like you just did.


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