[Haskell-beginners] Selecting a GUI toolkit

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at theingots.org
Thu Apr 30 04:41:19 EDT 2009

Felipe Lessa wrote:
> Although I don't have access to a Mac, people usually don't like
> Gtk there.  But there seems to be a native port somewhere that is
> going to be merged into Gtk+ someday :).
> Now, good support today for Mac OS X would be my only reason to
> go through the wxWindows route.  I use Gtk+ because back in the
> days that I tried wxWindows, it had a terrible appearence when
> using Gtk as a backend, but probably things improved since then.

Thanks. I guess one would have to try making a simple program with each 
and see. After all, one of the selling points of WX is that it's 
supposed to look right in all platforms. I have been sort of assuming 
that between WX and Gtk you might as well pick WX because WX uses Gtk in 
the platforms where Gtk looks right.

The choice would be simpler if Gtk ran natively on Mac. Right now it 
looks horrible and it is hard to setup if you are not a technical person 
or don't have the latest OS X. At a *minimum* you'll need to install 
fink or mac ports and run the program from the terminal.

Btw, I have read the first few chapters of the Gtk2Hs tutorial. The code 
looks extremely imperative. Even more than wxHaskell. I mean... initGUI,
"widgetShowAll window", "mainGUI"...

In principle I would be happy with any WX, Gtk and Qt. I think well of 
all of them. It's just that they all seem to have a lot of limitations.


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