[Haskell-beginners] Selecting a GUI toolkit

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at theingots.org
Wed Apr 29 18:11:26 EDT 2009


This question is just idle curiosity. I don't actually plan to write a 
desktop GUI program. With that said, what library would you recommend to 
someone who wants to write a cross-platform desktop app with Haskell?

Consider the following requirements:

1) Cross-platform. Windows, Linux and preferably OS X too.
2) Maintained, stable, mature, documented, etc.
3) Easy to use.

Notice that this has much to do with the Haskell bindings. For example, 
Qt might be a fabulous toolkit, but qtHaskell might be immature (it 
looks like it started in Dec 2007).

wxHaskell looks good. I like the idea behind wxWidgets, but I have never 
used it (or any GUI toolkit for that matter).

Thank you for your input.


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