[Haskell-beginners] gtk2hs treeViewSetReorderable

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Tue Oct 28 11:30:37 EDT 2008


I am using a TreeView from the TreeList package and a ListStore as its  
data model. I set treeViewSetReorderable to True and now rows can be  
drag-n-dropped around. The data in the ListStore gets updated as  

I want to get notified, when the order of the elements in the list  
changes (or just, when something is draged around - even if it is  
dropped on the position it was taken from).

In the documentation it says "..., then the user can reorder the model  
by dragging and dropping rows. The developer can listen to these  
changes by connecting to the model's signals."

After hours of seaching, I still don't find where I have to connect  
to. Have you any clue?

Best wishes,

Link to documentation:

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