[arch-haskell] Move to 7.4.1

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 07:39:54 UTC 2013

On 02/06/2012 12:42 PM, Magnus Therning wrote:
> darcs is currently in [community] and it has to be automatically 
> compilable, using packages available in [core]/[extra]/[community]. 
> So, if darcs is to remain in [commmunity] then a move to 7.4.1 *has* 
> to be concerned with it and all its dependencies. 
Ach, ok, I did not know this rule.

>> It seems like you are missing some packages from extra/community. I'm not
>> saying you should add them all. If you do not add them all just let us know
>> so that we know we cannot mix new haskell with the old stuff in
>> extra/community. Oooo, how I miss ghcDependency group in extra/haskell so
>> that I can just ban them all with one line :) Here is the list of all
>> packages I noticed, the ones you miss have * at the end of the line:
> [...]
>> I do not have all these installed nor I'm sure they are all libraries (where
>> the ghc version matters). I got the list by scanning the output of
>>   pacman -Ss haskell |grep -E 'community/|extra/'
> I deliberately skipped all the "free" libraries, but having your list
> will make it a bit easier to gauge the impact of a move to 7.4.1, so
> it's much appreciated.
I found out (on archlinux irc channel) that pacman does not store what 
repository a given package was installed from. So if we install a 
package which has the same name in both [extra] and [haskell] there is 
no easy way to find out what repository it was installed from. So if we 
happen to use different version of ghc in [haskell] and [extra] then we 
should add some tag to packages coming form [haskell] (e.g. add them to 
some group (like e.g. fromHaskellRepository). This is to allow an easier 
way to identify if some package is installed from different than 
[haskell] respository. Since such packages would cause breakage.


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