[arch-haskell] Move to 7.4.1

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Oct 12 07:39:54 UTC 2013

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 12:00, Peter Hercek <phercek at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/05/2012 07:10 PM, Magnus Therning wrote:
>> I've put together a package for 7.4.1, and then tried adding a few of
>> the binary packages, and their dependencies.  Here are the notes I
>> took during it:
>> darcs
>>     can't be added due to a ceiling on the dependency on unix, and
>>     that version of unix can't be added with base==4.5
>>     several dependency ceilings that prevent adding the latest version
>>     of libraries
> I do not see a reason to be concerned by darcs package. It is only an
> executable. It does not matter which ghc it is compiled with. Only libraries
> depend on specific version of ghc.

darcs is currently in [community] and it has to be automatically
compilable, using packages available in [core]/[extra]/[community].
So, if darcs is to remain in [commmunity] then a move to 7.4.1 *has*
to be concerned with it and all its dependencies.

>> What other Haskell binaries do we have in [extra]&  [community]?
>> ~~~
>> $ cblrepo-7.4.1 add -n darcs,2.5.2 array, filepath,
>> hashed-storage,0.5.9 dataenc, mmap,0.5.7 mtl, zlib,
>> transformers, text, tar, process,
>> random, regex-compat,0.93.1 regex-base,0.93.2 regex-posix,0.95.1
>> parsec,3.1.2 old-time, html, haskeline,
>> utf8-string,0.3.7 xmonad-contrib,0.10 xmonad,0.10 X11, syb,0.3.6
>> Failed to satisfy the following dependencies for darcs:
>>   unix>=1.0&&  <2.5&&  >=1.0&&  <2.5
>> ~~~
> It does not seem we have hasked-storage in extra/community.
> It seems like you are missing some packages from extra/community. I'm not
> saying you should add them all. If you do not add them all just let us know
> so that we know we cannot mix new haskell with the old stuff in
> extra/community. Oooo, how I miss ghcDependency group in extra/haskell so
> that I can just ban them all with one line :) Here is the list of all
> packages I noticed, the ones you miss have * at the end of the line:


> I do not have all these installed nor I'm sure they are all libraries (where
> the ghc version matters). I got the list by scanning the output of
>  pacman -Ss haskell |grep -E 'community/|extra/'

I deliberately skipped all the "free" libraries, but having your list
will make it a bit easier to gauge the impact of a move to 7.4.1, so
it's much appreciated.


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