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gdweber at iue.edu gdweber at iue.edu
Sat Oct 12 07:38:39 UTC 2013

On 2011-Jan-12, Peter Hercek wrote:
> On 01/10/2011 03:45 PM, Peter Simons wrote:
> >To get the discussion started, I'd like to offer a concrete
> >question that you
> >might want to think about: is it realistic to try and support
> >*all* of Hackage?
> I do no think this makes sense. My guess would be that most hackages
> packages are not used by any archlinux user. We should support all
> of HP and the most used packages. We should find the most used ones
> based some voting (publishing a way how archlinux users can ask for
> including a package to habs). Maybe we can just find them based on
> number of downloads from aur (if such a number if available).

I agree.

In addition, some of the packages will not build, some are
incompatible with others, some have been abandoned by their authors
(including at least three that I've abandoned myself, but have been
too lazy to look up the method of requesting that they be hidden
in the Hackage listing).

As an alternative to counting downloads from AUR (which, of course,
will not count the downloads of packages that have not yet been
made available on AUR), maybe it would be possible to revive
Don Stewart's count of Hackage downloads,


For a while I believe it was being updated quarterly, but the last
time seems to have been June 2010.


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