[arch-haskell] Bauerbill stopped building and installing packages, then started again

gdweber at iue.edu gdweber at iue.edu
Sat Oct 12 07:38:39 UTC 2013


On 2011-Jan-09, Xyne wrote:
> gdweber at iue.edu wrote:
> > For about a month, it seems, when I ran 'bauerbill -Syu' it would list a
> > bunch of packages that were upgradable, and I think actually
> > downloaded the packages, but would not build or install them.
> > 
> > Now that I've finally found time to post a question about it,
> > it's mysteriously resumed building and installing packages.
> > 
> > Just wondering, anyone know the explanation for this?
> If it's able to detect upgradable packages then it would have downloaded them
> and tried to build any that needed to be built. The only thing that would
> prevent installation is if the build failed and the output would have made that
> clear.

I did not think it was even trying to build the packages,
but I could be mistaken about that; I had a lot of other things
on my mind at the time.

> A situation similar to your description might have been caused by the order
> of the build queue. It previously failed to consider dependency order within the
> queue itself if those dependencies were satisfied by installed packages. For
> example, if you were upgrading haskell-pandoc, it would detect that its
> dependencies were already installed and build it first, even if some of the
> package's dependencies were in the queue. Re-running the command several times
> would eventually get through all of the builds.

Indeed, I had noticed some building out of order, though I was not ready
to mention that issue.  Which is now fixed because ...

> I fixed the ordering algorithm as soon as I noticed the error, but it was
> there for a while and would only appear with certain build queues, so it fits
> the time frame.
> The switch to HTTPS would not have caused such a problem, plus it was fixed
> quickly.
> As jwbirdsong mentioned, you should include [xyne-any] above [community] in
> pacman.conf. It's updated automatically with my release scripts, and I release
> fixes as soon as I have them, which is usually the same day that I discover the
> problem.

Thanks for the suggestion about [xyne-any].  Since I obtained bauerbill
initially through AUR, I had supposed it would be updated through AUR
as well.  I added [xyne-any] today (with details from
ran pacman -Syu, and immediately got updates for perl-xyne-common
and perl-xyne-arch.  These must be libraries used by bauerbill,
and they seem to have fixed the build order problem.

> Regards,
> Xyne
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