[arch-haskell] Bauerbill stopped building and installing packages, then started again

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sat Oct 12 07:37:55 UTC 2013

gdweber at iue.edu wrote:

> For about a month, it seems, when I ran 'bauerbill -Syu' it would list a
> bunch of packages that were upgradable, and I think actually
> downloaded the packages, but would not build or install them.
> Now that I've finally found time to post a question about it,
> it's mysteriously resumed building and installing packages.
> Just wondering, anyone know the explanation for this?

If it's able to detect upgradable packages then it would have downloaded them
and tried to build any that needed to be built. The only thing that would
prevent installation is if the build failed and the output would have made that

A situation similar to your description might have been caused by the order
of the build queue. It previously failed to consider dependency order within the
queue itself if those dependencies were satisfied by installed packages. For
example, if you were upgrading haskell-pandoc, it would detect that its
dependencies were already installed and build it first, even if some of the
package's dependencies were in the queue. Re-running the command several times
would eventually get through all of the builds.

I fixed the ordering algorithm as soon as I noticed the error, but it was
there for a while and would only appear with certain build queues, so it fits
the time frame.

The switch to HTTPS would not have caused such a problem, plus it was fixed

As jwbirdsong mentioned, you should include [xyne-any] above [community] in
pacman.conf. It's updated automatically with my release scripts, and I release
fixes as soon as I have them, which is usually the same day that I discover the


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