[arch-haskell] State of Affairs: Summarizing 83 days worth of experience

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Oct 12 07:37:59 UTC 2013

On 11/01/11 11:27, Peter Simons wrote:
>> Here's my "process" for updating packages on AUR:
>> 1. Pull down any changes to my local copy of the HABS tree.
>> 2. Open a clean chroot and bind-mount HABS and some personal tools into it.
>> 3. Get the URL for the package that needs updating.
>> 4. Run `cabal2arch <URL>` in the HABS top-level.
>> 5. Switch to the chroot and build the updated package and it's
>>    dependencies (I have a simple shell script that does this)
>> 6. If the build fails, then  revert the changes to the package in HABS.
>> 7. Go back to 2 and update another package.
>> 8. When no more packages need updating, build the source packages for
>>    all modified packages.
>> 9. Use aurploader to upload the source packages to AUR.
>> The problem with this is that step 5 can take a VERY long time, and
>> sometimes I end up doing unnecessary work because there's no easy way of
>> ordering the packages I'm updating such that the number of builds are
>> minimised.
> In <http://github.com/peti/arch-haskell>, I have automated that entire
> procedure so that boils down to running "make world". There is also a target
> "make updates" that will identify and print out all available updates from
> Hackage. Then I use "make publish" to upload the newly generated binary
> repository to the kiwilight.com server. The target "make src" will generate
> a whole bunch of taurballs that can be published on AUR using the aurupload
> utility. The set of packages that is being built is determined by this file:
>   http://github.com/peti/arch-haskell/blob/master/PKGLIST
> I hope this helps!

Thanks, there are absolutely some stuff in there that I will find useful.


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