[arch-haskell] Road to binary repository

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sat Oct 12 07:37:20 UTC 2013

Hi Magnus,

 > No real reason, just that I get the impression on the mailinglist
 > that you are both still working out kinks. That may of course be a
 > misconception on my part :-)

Yes, of course, the build script could use some improvements, but those
are mostly in the area of convenience and efficiency. The run-time of some
of those tools is quite significant, i.e. running manycabal2arch takes a
long time. We'll figure it out, eventually. The basic functionality seems
pretty stable.

 > Well, if I understand what you are doing, then the branch would be
 > completely disconnected from the existing master branch. That would
 > mean we have two unconnected branches in one repo. That thought makes
 > me cringe ;-)

Yes, the two branches start out separately, but they would merge into one.
We could also commit Remy's patches on top of the existing master branch,
if that's preferable?

The way I see, we'll have to track both the PKGLIST and the generated
PKGBUILDs for a while, so I don't mind having both things in one branch.
Eventually, we should be able to drop the PKGBUILDs, because they're
generated files.

 > I'm about to push some changesets that adds command line parsing to
 > cabal2arch, including support for subcommands which means cabal2arch
 > subsumes manycabal2arch.

Very cool, thank you. Would anyone mind if I'd change cabal2arch to add
the flags "--enable-split-objs --enable-shared" to the configure phase? It
seems to work fine for me, so I don't anticipate any problems.

Take care,

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