[arch-haskell] What to do now?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Oct 12 07:36:43 UTC 2013

On 09/10/10 23:17, Rémy Oudompheng wrote:
> Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org> wrote:
>> On 09/10/10 09:43, Rémy Oudompheng wrote:
>>> - a darcs repo for the PKGBUILDs
>> 1. Are you suggesting we keep binary versions of *all* of hackage in a repo,
>>   or
>> 2. we keep PKGBUILDs for all of hackage in an ABS tree, and only provide
>>   binaries for a subset of packages?
> I suggest we keep PKGBUILDs for as many packages as we want, and provide
> binary packages for either each of them, or just a subset, for example the
> set of packages currently on AUR, and add packages to that list on demand.

The set of packages currently on AUR is *huge*, I think Don recently
something in the order of 2000 haskell packages on AUR, and that is
about 10%
of AUR.  I would suggest starting somewhat smaller than that :-)

Maybe starting from Haskell Platform and growing on demand from that?

>>> * one dir per package, and subdirs $package/trunk, $package/repo
>>> (holding the current WIP version of the PKGBUILD and one corresponding
>>> to the binary package in repo)
>>> * people are supposed to do only a partial checkout of the darcs repo,
>>> I know Git can do that, but that said, a full working copy is only a
>>> few thousand files. Is darcs as efficient as Git for storage ? I
>>> expect the transfer size for a full cloning to be less than 5MB.
>> It's worth clarifying here that while git does support partial checkout it
>> doesn't support partial cloning.  darcs supports lazy cloning, and I
>> think git
>> does as well.
>> Just to get some numbers I downloaded the cabal files for for the latest
>> version of all packages on Hackage.  Then I ran cabal2arch on it all.  After
>> that I attempted to put the results in darcs and git.
>> Adding all files, 100 at a time:
>>  * darcs: 522.18s user 5.49s system 99% cpu 8:48.96 total
>>  * git: 1.90s user 0.77s system 97% cpu 2.726 total
>> Record/commit of initial changeset:
>>  * darcs: NA, it seems frozen with: 5548 done, 5480 queued
>>  * git: 0.33s user 0.32s system 57% cpu 1.128 total
>> There are a total of 4528 files in the (git) repo and 'du -sh' says that it
>> takes 57M.
> Thank you. What is the size of the git repo itself (I mean the .git
> subdir) ? It is probably only a few megabytes, so it can probably be
> hosted anywhere.

The size of the .git dir is:

  % du -sh .git
  30M     .git

For comparison I changed strategy for darcs, instead I recorded each package
in its own changeset:

 Total time to add and record: 7638.14s user 1108.26s system 99% cpu
2:26:04.82 total
 Size of the whole work area: 436M
 Size of _darcs: 409M


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