[arch-haskell] Creating binary and doc from the same PKGBUILD

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Oct 12 07:35:19 UTC 2013

I think it'd be worthwhile to provide packages with haddock-generated
documentation for all haskell packages.  However, I'm not convinced
that the docs should be packaged with the binary components of the
package.  I've been experimenting with "split packages" (in pacman as
of version 3.3) as a means of building both packages from the same

I've used dataenc for my experiments and have arrived at something
that makes some sense, but I'd like comments and feedback before I
start coding it into cabal2arch.  I've attached the modified PKGBUILD
and the added .install file for the -doc package.

I believe the same approach could be taken to providing packages with
profiling support as well.


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