[arch-haskell] [haskell-web] & ghc 7.6.3

Pierre Radermecker pradermecker at yahoo.ca
Wed May 29 14:02:19 CEST 2013


> I am/was also a user of habs-web for roughly two use-cases:
>  * haskell programs such as git-annex or notmuch-web [0] that I want
>    to build once and install multiple times.

Personally I don't think it makes much sense to include "programs" such a yesod or git-annex in [haskell-core]

Git-annex for instance requires a lot of dependencies which make it quite tricky to build from source. I had much luck with it by just using the provided binary tar. For the record, at some point, various aur package were failing to bring a working git-annex because of some sort of incompatibilities with the arch curl system version (to my knowledge the provided [haskell-web] package has never work).

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