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Ramana Kumar ramana at member.fsf.org
Wed Sep 26 10:49:48 CEST 2012

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:29 PM, Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org>wrote:

> > Next, who are the ops on #arch-haskell on freenode?
> I don't know who is.  I'm never on IRC as I've never really gotten
> into it, also my work situation doesn't allow it during the day.

We're probably all in different timezones anyway.
It would be great to leave it open whenever you can and/or read the logs
(but there probably aren't any public logs), at least while we're
restarting arch-haskell and it's low traffic.

Freenode's ChanServ suggests that someone called "dons" is the sole
operator of #arch-haskell.
(S)he has never been online at the same time as me, but was possibly around
2 days ago.
I left a message for dons on the Freenode memoserv asking to change the
Dons, if you're on this mailing list, pipe up.
If you've lost interest in #arch-haskell, then give operator status to me

>  > I suggest changing the topic to point to those wiki pages (unless we
> have a
> > better homepage?)
> > Is the blog still under control - a new blog post might be nice.
> Yes, I have the account for that.  Feel free to write something for it
> if you want to.

When I get a chance... also, not sure what to say yet :)
An intro to Fabio's idea for distributing maintenance would be good.

> > Finally, can we arrange an IRC meeting some time in the near future to
> > discuss Fabio's experiment with [haskell-extra], the possibility of
> merging
> > distributed repositories into one single public-facing one, and to get
> > started on revival?
> > I suggest some day in the first week of October. We can get more
> specific as
> > more people reply to this message.
> > I will commit to being at the meeting, but it really only makes sense if
> the
> > people currently involved in arch-haskell are there and not just
> newcomers
> > like me.
> Not a bad idea.

Will wait a few days for chanops to appear.
Plan B is to forcibly takeover and/or start a new channel, and then
advertise the meeting time in the topic, on the wiki, and on this list (and
maybe arch forums too).

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