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On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 7:38 AM, Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org>wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 1:47 AM,  <tam at hiddenrock.com> wrote:
> >> What do you mean with "they don't care"? Why don't you try and help,
> >> instead of reinventing the wheal?
> >
> > By "they don't care", I mean that, over the last two months, the mailing
> list
> > has seen only three messages from anyone with commit rights to the
> > arch-haskell repo.  You may note that I and another member of the list
> *have*
> > offered to help [1][2] and got no response.  Given the rarity of updates
> to
> > the arch-haskell repo and my unbridled hatred for trying to reverse
> engineer
> > undocumented processes that SHOULD be documented, I figured my needs
> would be
> > more expeditiously filled by taking matters into my own hands.
> I am very sorry for not having responded to [1].  I had planned to do
> it, but forgot about it.  As for [2] I didn't understand that as an
> email that I actually needed to weigh in on, I simply agreed with what
> it says.  Apparently I got that one completely wrong.

Indeed. On such a low traffic list it does not hurt to voice your agreement
explicitly and loudly. A silent nod is indistinguishable from a delivery

> > In retrospect, saying "they don't care" was overzealous on my part.  It
> is,
> > however, evident that the powers-that-be don't have time to maintain the
> repo
> > in a way that is useful to me, so I fixed the problem for myself (which,
> you
> > may note, is how the open source community works: the source speaks,
> > do-ocracy, etc, etc).
> >
> > So I'll continue tinkering with my solution and, when it is sufficiently
> > robust, I hope to release it to a wider audience.  And yes, there will be
> > more-than-adequate documentation.  It's possible I may get bored or run
> into
> > an obstacle I'm too lazy to overcome or be introduced to a glorious
> extant
> > solution, in which case I'll convert.  But until then, this is what
> solves my
> > problems better than anything else I know of.  That's kinda how the open
> > source model works.
> That sounds good, it would however be interesting to find out what
> your criteria is (what you are looking for) and how your tool
> satisfies them.

On this point, I had a need for haskell-http-conduit so I went ahead and
spent a few hours learning about cblrepo, forking habs, adding the package
and all its dependencies, making sure it worked for me, and submitting a
pull request.
There has still been no response to that pull request.
But luckily I also had the idea of writing to the mailing list, and Fabio
kindly eventually replied that he already provided haskell-http-conduit in
the [haskell-extra] repo, so now I am using that instead.
By the way is there any way I could have found out about [haskell-extra]
without writing to the list or scouring its archives? It would be a good
thing to put on the README for habs.git.
Meanwhile, I'm going to put a link to it on the wiki.

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