[arch-haskell] GHC 7.4.1 or HP 2011.4.0.0??

Adrien Haxaire adrien at haxaire.org
Fri Feb 3 18:29:35 CET 2012


For what it's worth, I would prefer the first option, i.e. dropping HP.
I can't estimate the amount of extra work compared to moving to HP
2011.4.0.0, but I think it'll be more flexible and we won't rely on the
imposed structure of HP. I use few of the HP packages; I even
uninstalled it to reinstall ghc and the other components manually. I
think we'll have the freshest versions of next releases this way, which
is closer to the spirit of arch.


On 03/02/2012 16:28, Magnus Therning wrote:
> It's been out for a day now... this would be a good time to decide
> whether ArchLinux should be bold and move to a haskell-platform-free
> state, or trudge on with HP and the ache it causes.
> If we're moving to 7.4.1 there's a lot of work with getting
> ArchHaskell in shape for it, so the longer notice the better :)
> If we're to trudge on with HP then we really ought to move to
> 2011.4.0.0, which also means a new version of GHC and a lot of work on
> ArchHaskell, so the longer notice the better :)
> Please, please, please, can we move on this soon?
> I'm available to help out with [extra]&[community] packages if need
> be, updating PKGBUILDs, building, verifying other's changes, etc.
> /M

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