[arch-haskell] documentation

DeWitt, Michael md at hackfoolery.com
Thu Aug 30 06:24:17 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I have been away from [haskell] for a while while running on the
haskell platform and cabal-install for all the extras. I recently
wiped my computer, however, and thought I'd give the new arch-haskell
system a spin. That said, I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly
that system is.

I already have ghc and xmonad installed from [haskell], but I'm having
trouble figuring out the new way of installing packages which are not
in [haskell]. I'm under the impression that cblrepo is involved in
some way, however, I am not sure exactly how it is supposed to be
used. Where might I find some documentation that could get me started?



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