[arch-haskell] arch-haskell repo and ABS tree

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Oct 8 13:50:50 EDT 2010

> Hi Don,
>  > I'm one week backed up on AUR updates.
> according to <http://hackage.haskell.org/package/numeric-prelude>, the
> last update of that package happened on Sep 22. Yet, AUR doesn't have
> that update even though the package has been being marked out-of-date,
> etc. So clearly your statement that you lag one week behind cannot be
> true, can it?

I'm about 1.5 weeks behind, due to ICFP travel. There are 299 packages in the
queue, on top of the 8134 packages that I've updated over the past 2 years.

>  > Hackage is averaging 15 packages a day uploaded now, but spikes up to
>  > 30 packages a day. That's getting hard to stay on top of.
> You make it sound as if that were a recent development, but the fact of
> the matter is that AUR has been lagging behind Hackage substantially for
> the last 9 months or so. It's not "getting hard to stay on top of".
> Rather, you haven't been able to stay on top of Hackage for the better
> part of a year.

Well, actually, AUR was up to date on Sep 21.

Please help with tools and processes. 

-- Don

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