[arch-haskell] Arch packages and/or Cabal-install ?

papa.eric at free.fr papa.eric at free.fr
Fri Feb 20 09:18:48 EST 2009

Hello... a newbie question (not installed Arch yet, only decided to give it a try... new to this list, too) :

It seems that haskell packages on Arch can be reliably managed by either cabal-install or arch packages.

I suppose that mixing both is is not recommended ? e.g. using an arch package if it exists else caba-install, or obtaining one by arch yaourt but then upgrading it by cabal install...

So, what would be the drawback of installing as arch packages the minimum to have GHC and cabal-install, and then using exclusively cabal-install to install and upgrade haskell stuff ? What does arch packages bring more than cabal-install, since both manage dependences ?

Thanks, and sorry if the question is naive...

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