[arch-haskell] darcs patch: Typo correction in String Constant (and 2 more)

Matthew William Cox matt at mattcox.ca
Sun Aug 24 04:24:16 EDT 2008


I hacked on cabal2arch a bit tonight. I removed the hand-coded list of
core packages in favour of generating the list dynamically.

I use the GHC API to parse the global package database. This entails
dependencies on ghc and ghc-paths (oh well.)

I've assumed that any package with all its library-dirs inside
/usr/lib/ghc-6.8.3 (actually, the libdir from GHC.Paths) is a core
package. This seems to exclude all the external packages, which get
installed to /usr/lib/$PkgName-$PkgVer/. Anybody know if this is a bad

I also sent these patches to dons.

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