[Yhc] Yhc and Haskell pragmas

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Mon Feb 11 11:39:58 EST 2008

"Dimitry Golubovsky" <golubovsky at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does Yhc currently recognize any pragmas in GHC format {-# PRAGMA-NAME
> parameters #-} or any other format?

The format {-# PRAGMA-NAME parameters #-} is defined by the Haskell'98
standard.  There is a certain amount of basic support already in the
parser: grep for "Pragma" in compiler/Parser/*.hs, and you will see that
the parser knows what they look like, and can store them in a DeclAnnot
constructor of the AST.  However, no location in the grammar actually
calls parsePragma at the moment.

One needs to decide exactly where in the tree a pragma is valid (e.g.
anywhere a Decl would be valid?).  Then they need to be plumbed right
through to where you need them.


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