[Yhc] FInfo->codesize woes.

Stewart Platt shteou.yhc at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 09:10:13 EST 2008

Thanks for the reply Tom (and in reply to your message, I am modifying the

> > The codesize is indeed reliable, though interestingly enough I get the
> > codesize for _driver being 25 bytes rather than (0x24 = 36 bytes). I've
> > just checked and 25 bytes is indeed correct (including 1 byte for the
> > END_CODE itself). Here is a printout of the function, as loaded by the
> > interpreter.
> Aha, seems I threw something of a red herring with the 0x24, it was in
fact decimal 24.
Judging from my current output (Warning, assembly):
something went wrong around the NEED_HEAP_32 / UNPACK area.
I'll investigate it and see how it goes,
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